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To volunteer for a specific project or volunteer position—or to find out more about our volunteer programs, write to:

Frederick County Landmarks Foundation, Inc.
1110 Rosemont Avenue
Frederick, MD 21701
or call 301-668-6088

or write to

Please include your area of interest and contact information.

Thank you for donating your time and energy to helping FCLF preserve the past to benefit our future!

Volunteering with Frederick County Landmarks Foundation
Volunteer on Board Committees

18th cent

Volunteering with Frederick County Landmarks Foundation

The Frederick County Landmarks Foundation is a volunteer driven organization.  Volunteers are the heart and soul of the Foundation. 

If you care about historic preservation, educating the community about our historic heritage and building awareness and appreciation for the unique architectural culture of this area, please consider giving the gift of your time and expertise. 

The Frederick County Landmarks Foundation welcomes all who wish to help with preserving the past to benefit the future of Frederick County. 

In particular, we looking for volunteers for the following positions:

Volunteer Management
Special Events Management
Scifferstadt Museum Director
Special Events Activities and Assistance
Membership / Mailings / Office Assistance
Tour guides
Technical / Computer Support
Grant Writing
Gift Shop

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Some of the many ways you might volunteer your help.

Octoberfest Administratiive Assistant
Database/Computer Assistant
Museum Docent at Schifferstadt
Research Assistant Internship/Service Learning Opportunity
Public Relations Assistant Internship
Oktoberfest Volunteers
Museum Docent
Heritage Garden Worker/Intern
Museum Docent at Schifferstadt
Oktoberfest Committee Chairs
Newsletter Writer, Editor, Layout
Photographer, Graphic Artist
Event Planner
Beyond the Garden Gates Host at Schifferstadt
Community Service Opportunity
Administrative Assistant Internship
Historic Site Docent

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Volunteer on Board Committees
We also welcome volunteers for the standing committees created by the FCLF Board and ad hoc committees:

a. Schifferstadt Architectural Museum Committee
This committee oversees the operation and maintenance of the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum, including the building and associated grounds, as well as activities conducted on the premises.

b. Beatty-Cramer Architectural Museum Committee
This committee oversees the operation and maintenance of the Beatty-Cramer House, including the building and associated grounds, as well as activities conducted on the premises.

c. Historic Sites Committee
This committee identifies, locates, characterizes and classifies the historical, natural and architectural landmarks of the county. It reports if protection is necessary and informs the Board of any projects it feels are pertinent. The Endangered Sites Project, which includes identifying endangered sites in the county and working with Frederick Magazine to publicize the stories of those sites, is the responsibility of the Histor
ic Sites Committee.

d. Fundraising Committee
This Committee seeks funds for the Foundation’s projects.

e. Membership Committee
This Committee encourages membership in the Foundation and is responsible for conducting the annual membership drive, maintaining up-to-date membership records, providing information to new members, and providing membership records to other Foundation Committees and the Board of Directors.

f. Finance Committee
The Treasurer chairs this Committee which advises the Board on the Foundation’s financial matters and coordinates the budget submissions of the other Committees and activities of the Foundation.

g. Public Relations and Publicity Committee
This Committee carries out a continuing public relations program, including press releases. It assists other committees with publicizing their activities and provides guidance to the Foundation and its constituent committees on publicity and public relations. This committtee publishes a quarterly newsletter for the Membership of the Foundation.

h. Plaque Committee
This Committee provides recognition and identification of worthy architectural structures in order to encourage restoration and/or preservation. Recognition and identification is accomplished by the awarding and, in appropriate circumstances, the removal of plaques, and by maintaining a registry of such structures. This Committee has the responsibility for acquiring and storing plaques.

i. Heritage Garden Committee
This Committee meets the first Sunday of each month at the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum 18th Century Heritage Garden to work in the garden, and share information about heirloom plants, 18th Century and modern gardening techniques. They conclude with a pot-luck snack. They also work on educational projects, presentations about heritage gardens and support the museum and community programs with the sale or donation of the harvest from the garden.

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Frederick County Landmarks Foundation, Inc. offers exciting opportunities for qualified undergraduate and graduate students in various positions at Schifferstadt Architectural Museum and in the FCLF office. Internships may also include involvement in activities at other Landmarks locations such as the Beatty-Cramer House.

It is the mission of the Frederick County Landmarks Foundation to preserve Frederick County’s many natural and historic landmarks, sites, structures and neighborhood architectural design. Schifferstadt, built in 1756, is one of the oldest houses in Frederick County and is one of the finest examples of colonial German architecture. The Beatty-Cramer House is a rare example of Dutch architecture and construction, and considered the oldest standing structure in the county dating to around 1732.

Internships enable students to participate in educational, cultural and fundraising activities focused on historic preservation and tourism. They also help students understand how small museums and volunteer historic preservation organizations operate and how to relate this experience to academic and professional goals.

Each intern serves for a period that corresponds to his or her institution’s semester system and is required to serve for a minimum of eight weeks. Schedules are flexible, however, interns are strongly encouraged to serve at least a four-hour shift two times per week. Interns are responsible for arranging academic credit from their sponsoring institution. No stipend is offered for Frederick County Landmarks Foundation internships. The museum accepts interns in the Curatorial, Development, Information Technology, Technical Writing, Marketing and Communications areas.

Desired backgrounds include history, art history, architecture, architectural history, information technology, technical writing, business administration, communications and marketing.

To Apply
All applicants should submit a cover letter indicating which area of interest they would like to work and a resume indicating skills and experience. After your materials have been evaluated, you may be called to the Frederick County Landmarks Foundation office for a personal interview.

Send your application to:

Frederick County Landmarks Foundation, Inc.
1110 Rosemont Avenue
Frederick, MD 21701

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