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Schifferstadt Architectural Museum
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Eastern Woodland Cultures of Maryland Traveling Trunk


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Schifferstadt Architectural Museum

Schifferstadt’s interesting history, architectural features and heritage garden offer a rare venue for educational events and experiences for school children, historians, architects, and others interested in learning more about the history of the area from the time of the French and Indian War to the present. For more information about educational tours, activities and lesson plans for 3rd and 4th grade students, click here. (2017 Note: This informaiton has not been updated in years. It may contain outdated and incorrect info. Stay tuned for updates.)

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Eastern Woodland Cultures of Maryland Traveling Trunk

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Touch hand-made “jewelry,” household goods, tools, foods and games just like children hundreds of years ago. Learn about lifeways, transportation, trade, foodways, adornment, using primary resources, oral histories and traditions and games.

Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum, a program of the Maryland Historical Trust and the Maryland Department of Planning developed the Eastern Woodland Indian Cultures of Maryland trunk. It is available to Frederick County area schools and educational entities, through the Frederick County Landmarks Foundation, Inc.

Teachers receive 16 lesson plans for 9 units based on Maryland’s Voluntary State Curriculum.

See below how you can reserve use of this trunk for Frederick County educational organizations at no charge.

Scheduling and Availablily
Jefferson Patterson Park & Museum’s (JPPM) Eastern Woodland Indian Cultures in Maryland traveling trunk is available, through Frederick County Landmarks Foundation, Inc. (FCLF) to all Frederick County area public and private schools and nonprofit educational organizations at no charge. Other organizations may rent the truck for $150 for a three-week rental period.

Teachers should contact the Traveling Trunk Coordinator (301-668-6088) to schedule a rental and discuss any concerns related to the use of the trunk.

The teaching trunk may be used by multiple teachers within your school during the use period. In doing so the original contact is still responsible for the return and condition of all items in the trunk.

  • A confirmation letter, use/rental agreement, and remittance slip will be sent as soon as a trunk is booked.
  • Within two weeks, users or renters must return payment, if applicable (checks ONLY), along with their remittance slip and a signed copy of this agreement form. Checks are to be made payable to Frederick County Landmarks Foundation, Inc.
  • As soon as your reservation (and payment, if applicable) is received, FCLF will contact you with pick-up information.

Lenth of Use/Rental
The use/rental period for the trunk is three weeks. This time is measured from the day that the user/renter receives the trunk to the day that it is returned to FCLF.

Fees and Penalities
The three week rental fee for the traveling trunk is $150 unless the entity is a Frederick County school or educational nonprofit organization.

A replacement fee will be incurred by the renter or user for all items that are damaged or lost while in the custody of the renter or user. The fee will be determined by the amount of damage or the cost of the missing item. As soon as the renter or user becomes aware of any problems, he or she must report them at once to the FCLF Traveling Trunk Coordinator at (301-668-6088). A late fee of $20 per day will also be applied to renter and users for each day that a trunk is overdue for return. If you anticipate that the trunk will be returned late, please call so that we can make adjustments for the next scheduled school awaiting use of the trunk

The rental fee, but not the late fee, will be waived for Frederick County public and private schools and for educational nonprofit organization in Frederick County.

Teachers must make arrangements to directly pick the trunk up from FCLF. When returning the trunk, please inventory all materials and report any breakages or missing items on the inventory check list included in the notebook. Then, repack the containers and lock the trunk in the same manner in which it was received. Call the FCLF Traveling Trunk Coordinator to arrange for return delivery of the trunk. The FCLF office is only open part-time, so advance arrangements are required.

Use of Materials
The lesson plans may not be reproduced for publication without written permission from JPPM Education staff.

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