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Frederick County Landmarks Foundation, (referred to as FCLF) is a private non-profit organization that promotes the preservation of historic sites, structures, natural landmarks and communities of Frederick County, Maryland, and strives to increase knowledge and appreciation of them. To further its educational mission, FCLF not only holds special events that provide the public with a window to Frederick’s historic past, but shares the knowledge of other historical places in Frederick.

To achieve these ends the foundation is empowered to hold, acquire, improve, lease, restore or sell the above; and to assist, support and encourage public and private efforts to identify and develop information, research, and educational programs related to the natural and historic sites in Frederick County, Maryland.

FCLF owns and operates Schifferstadt Architectural Museum which is now a National Historic Landmark. It was saved from demolition in 1973. FCLF also owns the Beatty-Cramer House (not open for tours), and the Zion Church and Cemetery.

Frederick County Landmarks Foundation relies entirely on the donation of expertise and funds from the community and grants. You are welcome and invited to join us by becoming a member, volunteering your time and expertise and by donating funds to help us keep the foundation and our museums operating. You can also sponsor special events.

Frederick County Landmarks Foundation, Inc.
1110 Rosemont Avenue
Frederick, Maryland 21701

Office Hours: part-time Monday - Thursday (most weeks)



Melanie Gettier, CTA, Administrator of  FCLF

BOARD OF DIRECTORS - Elected for 2018

Executive Committee
President, Carrie Albee (and Schifferstadt Docent)
Vice President, Teri Bisceglia (and Schifferstadt Docent)
Treasurer, Greg Campbell

Secretary, Scott Winnette

Board of Directors (alphabetical order)

Bernie Callan (and Schifferstadt Docent)

Jennie Covahey (and Schifferstadt Docent)

Joan Deacon (and Schifferstadt Docent)

Alan Imhoff

Mary Bowman-Kruhm

Mary Mannix

Jim Matheson

Mark Stull

Dennis Wasitis


Steven Buckingham, Liaison to Frederick Sister Cities Assoc. (Pres. of FSCA )


Mary Beth Fleming, Garden Manager